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Referring mainly to semi-automatic firearms and silencers manufactured prior to 1986, we carry shotguns, short-barreled rifles, and parts that fall into the Class 3 NFA category. While many of these firearms and accessories are often found selling for extremely marked-up prices, you can rely on Sports Hollow for competitive, budget-friendly rates.

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Do you have a specific firearm in mind? If so, we can help you locate whatever you're looking for. Since Class 3 NFA firearms haven't been produced in nearly 30 years, they can be difficult to find - but not for us. We'll use our industry connections to quickly locate the firearm you're looking for and have it shipped right away.

We'll help you locate hard-to-find firearms

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Are you interested in owning a Class 3 NFA firearm but aren't sure how to get your hands on one? We can help. In addition to assisting you with the proper filing, paperwork, and fees, we also carry a wide selection of NFA firearms for purchase in our regular inventory. Once you're cleared, you can buy directly from us.

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